The Kelmscott / Goudy Press


Included in the 1982 edition of the International Register, the source of the online edition. Details.

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This is not the name of a private press. It is the name of the printing press originally used by William Morris at his Kelmscott Press, brought to the U.S. by Frederic Goudy, and owned by Elizabeth and J. Ben Lieberman (and now, by inheritance, me) since 1961.

J.K.L. Sir, Some time ago I acquired a large collection/archive of print related books, most all of those, actual letterpress/technical type I kept for my own use, some I donated to our Museum Print Shop.
Many are still waiting for appreciative homes, one such may be of interest to you, I.E. PRINT COLLECTING by Bryan Allen!!! First Published G.B. 1970.
Full of some amazing stuff? especially in Chapter 2 *the different types of print* i.e. Etchings, Wood Engravings, Mezzotints,? Line Engravings, Stipple Engravings,? Aquatints,? Lithographs, including references to William Morris and his Kelmscott Press and many more authors, including Eric Gill, (quoted as the mystic!! strange terminology)
Also contained, some 3 pages of further reading!! 3 pages of Glossary, (in itself some beautiful terminology and explanations ???) and some 5 pages of index, names references, etc. Nothing under “X” “Y” or “Z”.
Just checked out *Mezzotints,* some B.P. contributors might well find this process to be interesting, amongst others.???
Should this publication be of interest, more info OFF LINE, or a minute, mutual, donation to Briar Press or the World Wild Life Fund and I could mail it *Gratis* Sincerely Mick.