Truck Adjustments

Hi there,
We are fairly new to troubleshooting and adjusting parts and can someone please instruct how one adjusts the “morgan expansion trucks?” They’re not the same diameter as our old rollers and would like to learn how before the new ones come in.
Some of the rubber on the trucks looks dried out and crackly as well and I’m thinking we should replace those (we have extra rubbers).

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The Morgan trucks come with a large flat steel wrench which fits the nut on the side of the truck. You could use any wrench that size, but the original wrench is designed to fit while the trucks are mounted on the press and on the roller shafts.

You just turn the nut to loosen or tighten the pressure on the side of the rubber tire. By tightening, the rubber expands outward and increases the diameter of the truck.

They are designed with ridges which keep the nut from loosening or tightening during a run, so they do take some muscle to adjust. If they are extremely tight or do not turn, you might try a penetrating oil or a few drops of strong solvent to loosen them up.

If the rubber looks cracked, it certainly is time to change them.