The Bruin Press

Registered15 Aug 08
ProprietorGeorge Chapman
Record keepergachap
Address405 N. Broadway Street
Mount Pleasant, IA USA 52641
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Established in 1953 while I was still in college. Initially swapped a bicycle for a 6 x 9 Kelsey which was traded for a 8x12 Gordon brass arm a couple of years later. I still have the Gordon, along with 8x12 OS C&P and a Multigraph, and about sixty cases of type, a lot of which is nondescript! The location has changed from West Lebanon, N.H. to Murray, Kentucky, to Silverton, Colorado, to Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

image: The Bruin Press CA 1953(Kelsey).JPG

The Bruin Press CA 1953(Kelsey).JPG