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The title really needs to be updated to:

“A Few printing books and mainly bookbinding/crafty books”

Hi all. It’s been over two years since I shut down my press (DHP Papermill & Press) and I’m only now getting to the books! Here’s the list of the remaining books and their pricing. I’m mailing from Poughkeepsie, NY. Mailing cost is based on location and total weight. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email. Oh, and please, there are so many books, please don’t ask me to send a photo. You may search the title through Amazon… that’s what I did to help me price them. And speaking of pricing, I’ve tried to price them “to sell” because I’d like to see them go to a good home ;-) Payment may be done either by cheque or via PayPal. Wishing everyone all the best and hope you are doing well. Best regards, Marie-Celeste Edwards

List updated: Feb 6th, 6:00pm

Advertising & Publishing
Production Yearbook
Fourth Annual, 1938
Have cover, but binding separated from text block. Looks to be a few of the first pages are missing. First few pages have frayed edges.

Modern Japanese Prints: An Art Reborn
Oliver Statler
1968, 10th edition
Hardcover with full color dust jacket in slipcase all in very good condition.

Contemporary Printmaking in Japan
Ronald G. Robertson
1965, 1st edition
Hardcover in reasonable condition (endpapers one both sides bubbled long ago). Color dust jacket in good condition.
Unfortunately, on the inside end paper, my old company seal was pressed into the page (what WAS I thinking??)

The Print Collector’s Newsletter
Sept-Oct 1984
Three-ring punched pamphlet-style book. Title of this issue: Hype-type at the Walker by Philip Larson. In very good condition.

Handmade Books and Cards
Jean G. Kropper
1997 hardcover

Making Journals by Hand
Jason Thompson
2000 paperback
First page has my old company chop on it.

Creative Paper Art
Techniques for Transforming the Surface
Nancy Welch
1999 hardcover with dust jacket

Cover to Cover
Shereen LaPlantz
1995 hardcover with dust jacket

The Chinese Painter as Poet
Jonathan Chaves
China Institute Gallery
2000 paperback. Bottom fore edge curled a bit.

Instant Gratification Cards
Carol Endler Sterbenz and Genevieve A. Sterbenz
2000 paperback

Gift Wrapping
Creative Ideas from Japan
Kunio Ekiguchi
1986 paperback

Handmade Giftwrap, Bows, Cards & Tags
Jill Williams Grover
2000 paperback

Making Gifts with Rubber Stamps
Sandra McCall
2000 paperback

Crafting with Handmade Paper
Gail Hercher
2000 paperback
Cover and fore edges curled from use.

Paper Making, Decorating, Designing
Beata Thackeray
1998 paperback

Papermaking Book
Lucy Ross Natkiel
1995 paperback. Cover has curled corners.

Making & Decorating Your Own Paper
Kathy Blake & Bill Milne
1995 paperback

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