Improved Pearl 7 x 11 roller holders??

I am working on restoring my Pearl to good working order and am having a problem finding out if I have the original upper roller holder for my press. The attached picture is the type of upper holder on my press. this allows for two rollers on this holder and another ‘hook’ holder which allows my press to operate with three rollers. When I contacted David Hauser at Tarheel roller he indicated that the Pearl presses only carry two rollers. My question is this..Is this some type of after-market setup that was made for the Pearl? If so where can I get new ones (used) Or maybe better yet, where can I obtain a replacement set of upper ‘hooks’ Thanks in advance for any help you can give me….’Live’n the dream in Minnesota’….

image: Pearl roller detail.jpg

Pearl roller detail.jpg

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I have this same press. It does use 3 rollers. Here is a photo of mine. Please note that I do not have my 3rd roller hooked up in the photo. That lower hook is for the 3rd roller. If I am doing a small image or small item, I just ink up 2 rollers. I am in the midst of a small project right now.

image: IMG_0001_13.JPG


Wow, that holder assembly looks almost new, so they must be available. Can anyone tell me where to find them. My other problem is that my roller holder uses a different size truck than the hook holder. Jon.