uneven ink distribution on rotating plate and rollers.

I’ve gotten my resurfaced rollers and inked up the press and tried to run a few through the press but the ink on the paper is not uniform, I noticed on the rollers there are uneven spots where the ink is not on the rollers. How do you adjust the rollers on a Kluge?

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On the older Kluges, you will have to check your trucks and roller height with a roller gauge. But other problems could be causing this issue, such as having the rollers smear ink on the plate/type if the rails are dirty or greasy. Or if the rollers are rotating at a different speed than the trucks due to a diameter difference.

Adjust roller height by taping the rails or by using expansion trucks. Try to use NA Graphic’s tapes for these purposes, but masking and scotch tape will work for temporary fixes

New rollers…. I’m jealous!

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