Chandler & Price 10 x 15

Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Old Style

Well, this was my first press and it is a beauty! Purchased it from a friend in CA and it has served me well since. It has brand new rollers on it, but they need to be milled down to fit the bearings. I have a motor and speed control tower for it, but have never tried either. Designed so you can get a treadle and run it with no electricity. Has an ink fountain mounted on top of the inking disc enabling a consistent inking even on very long runs.

I have collected a few too many presses at the moment and am forced to get rid of this one for space’s sake. Purchaser will be responsible for moving the press. When I moved it in I took off the flywheel and shaft to fit it through the door with barely a quarter-inch to spare, so don’t expect an easy move.

Serial #: C660
Manufacture date: 1906

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$1600 or best offer.

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image: Chandler & Price

Chandler & Price

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Ink Fountain

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