12x18 C&P Press that I don’t really want to see go.

I need to get rid of this press. Make me an offer, it cost me $600 to get it out of a basement in St. Paul and moved to my garage.

As you can see it’s currently disassembled(because it weighs about 2800lbs and had to come out of the basement with 2 guys lifting it)but I have all the parts including a flywheel, motor and the leather strap so it runs without a treadle.

I’m including the dollies it’s on because it’s easier to move them.

Get it out of my garage before he snow flies so I can park in my garage. I don’t really want to lose it, but its never going to go in my house because of the costs involved.

Send me an email and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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image: Letterpress.jpg


image: Letterpress2.jpg


image: letterpress3.jpg