What these rollers should be used for?

Hi nice people,

About a half year ago I bought my little Korex (cylinder press) and the seller gave me as a present two rollers that I dont know how I can use them. I was trying to use for making colour tests but its too narrow I think.
Maybe you have some Ideas about them? :)

Thanks in advance

image: IMG_0786.JPG


image: IMG_0784.JPG


image: IMG_0785.JPG


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Those are Bacher line rollers (at least the smaller one is a Bacher). They are for inking individual lines of type or rule, allowing multiple colors in a single pull.
The set came with four or five widths of roller that could be fitted into the handle.

Bacher sold them in a nice wooden box, one handle and four rollers, ideal for inking 1, 2 or more lines in a different colour.

Thanks to all the replies! You are great!

Now I know what I have and will try to use these Bacher line rollers according to their mission :)