Kelsey Broken Arm

Just found out that the right hand pivot arm that goes from the platen to the metal bar at the bottom of the press just broke in two. Is there any way to get this welded back together, or am I in for a new piece (or press)????


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Here’s a pic of the piece aforementioned.

image: broken press arm.jpg

broken press arm.jpg

What size Kelsey? What Model? Can you post a photo of the broken piece on the press so there is no mistake identifying what is broken?

I would try to get it welded first, i had a press given to me (6x10 Kelsey) had thesame part broken. Check out Excelsior Press in New Jersey, he has some parts for these presses. good luck Dick G.

I had the broken arm welded. Because it was cast iron, it had to be braised?, which they said is tricky. They worked hard to line up the holes exactly, but it worked! When putting back together I found several of the shear pins in other areas were sheared, and had to replace them. I printed my first post-break piece today and needless to say was very gentle with the press.
I guest the lesson is to be careful not be overload the works by putting too much pressure on via the impression screws.
Thanks for the support.

when it breaks again you may want to look into “stitching” the part back. it works better than welding/brazing. this is a repair i had done a few years ago for a company and they beat the h*ll out of their presses. the repair is still fine.

image: P1010865.JPG