1940s Kluge letterpress auto or hand-fed, slugcutter, quoins

For printing delicate invitations to envelopes and display posters, (1940s vintage) excellent condition$2650. Other lprs equip.: numbering machines $40 to $75 all 15 for $600, Lock-up speed quoins 4.5” to 10” $20 to $40 ea. all 22 for 700, Wickersham quoins $10 ea. all 34 for $300,Type-setting sticks 8” to 20” $50 to $75 ea. all 5 $300, Rouse slugcutters lever $200 plyers $75, metal furniture $75

Also have Kwikprint Foil stamper 2.5"x6" head (roll-fed foil) temp. guage $350, Superior #3158 Foil Stamper 3.25"x.75" head (w/temp. set and temp. guage) $150, Boston Model #7 Wire stitcher (early 1900s) electric (flat or saddle) heavy duty 300 lbs. $250, Printers portable slug racks 7.5"x15" wooden for job comp. $50 each. Pictures avail. for all.

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image: KLUGE PRINTING PRESS 12x18.jpg