Kluge Motor Issues

I have a 12x18 Kluge with an old barely functioning General Electric 1.5HP Repulsion Motor w/ Motor Control. I’m in the market for a new Motor & Motor Control but don’t know quite what I’m looking for. Do any of you generous wise folks wanna give me some much needed guidance?

Thanks in advance!

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You’ll want to measure the shaft of the motor and match that to a new 1.5hp motor (3 phase). Then get a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that’s rated for 1.5hp with single phase input and 3 phase output. Wire it all up and you’ll have a complete range of speed control.

Pay close attention to the motor frame and mount. You may need to be creative when replacing that old beast of a motor with something newer.

Hope this helps.


have you looked into having the old motot rebuilt? people who specialize in electric motors can probably repair it. how are the brushes, sometimes all it takes is a new set of brushes. i keep a set on hand at all times.