uneven printing on adana 6x4

Im sure this has been asked before, but I’m quite stuck, could anyone help. my adana doesnt seem to want to print evenly, it seems to be inking up properly, but is printing some bits perfectly, and others dont seem to want to come out clear. Im only printing type, im very confused! Any suggestions would be lovely, ta

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just too add, it did print this little card fine, but then this second image is what its doing now :s thankyou to anyone who can offer help!

ok, image didnt work. will add when i can. ta

Your packing might be in poor condition. That is the first place to start. Remove all your old packing and start with new packing.

Make sure your lock up of the type is NOT raising the type up on one side. A poor lock up will cause problems.

How big is the overall form you are trying to print? That is a pretty small press and can only handle a very small printed area. Can you attach a picture?


I was hoping it was how my type was locked as that was my first thought, but as far as I can tell nothing seems to be raised above anything else.

Im not tying for too big i didnt think, as i was aware it cant handle too big, but it shouldnt be above small postcard size or…. I think its probably a bit smaller than A6ish of just 9pt type. I will try again for a picture

Is the center of mass of your type in the center of the chase? With a small press like this if you get very far from the center of the chase with the type area you’ll get uneven pressure.