Die Cut on a C&P 8x12 Platen press


Just wondering if anyone has had experience with die cutting on a similar machine to mine (C&P 8 x12 Platen Press). I have heard that it can be done- don’t know how- any suggestions?

Thanks Bianca

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Yes, it can be done. We’ve done a million of ‘em. You’ll need a stainless die cutting jacket, do not die cut directly on platen, (at least $100.), includes a “Z” type molding to attach to platen. Might need to lower platen some.
Gauge pins are made of quads (12x36pts.) glued to the jacket.
Remove rollers of course.
Don’t need a whole lot of impression, just enough to cut the stock. Anymore than that and you’re shortening the life of the press, the die and the jacket.
Also: http://www.greendolphinpress.com/letterpress-faq.html#4.5
Have fun!!!!

Stanislaus thanks for your response and the link- i will check it out!

Thanks again,


this is a basic set-up. a much larger press but the process is the same for yours.

I worked for a folding carton company and we had a 40” flat bed die cutter. On our cutter, we didn’t need to cut all the way through the boxboard. We would cut through it enough so that the board would “pop” apart. We could hear the “pop” when it happened.