Type Impressions - an international Letterpress exhibition

Dear friends of letterpress,

We hereby invite you to contribute to the forthcoming Letterpress exhibition:

an international exhibition of new trends in the Art of Letterpress

To be held at the Danish Museum of Media in Odense, Denmark.

2nd September to the 20th November 2011.

The Danish Museum of Media is a part of Brandts - the artistic and cultural center in the heart of Odense. As well as modern electronic technology, the Museum of Media also displays all the graphic arts and the history of letterpress printing. www.brandts.dk

The exhibition is arranged by the Funen Printmaking Workshop www.fynsgv.dk and in conjunction with
The 3rd North European Graphic Symposium (NEGS),
a week of experimental letterpress workshops for invited professional printmakers from Northern Europe,
2nd September to 9th September 2011.

The exhibition at its outset will be an inspirational one for the Graphic Artists participating in the Symposiums workshops, as well as being open to the public visiting the Museum.
The products of the week’s workshops will be added to the exhibition.

We would therefore like to offer you an open invitation to submit your Letterpress printed posters, cards, books &c. for consideration to be included in the exhibition.

We hope that as many as possible will contribute to the exhibition, and we will be very pleased if you will forward this invitation to all your friends that work with letterpress.
Contributor invitation is also uploaded on www.flickr.com/photos/bogtrykkeren/5888633236/in/photostream

In the first instance please send (by latest 21st July 2011) low-resolution images, dimensions and descriptions of your work to:
Keith Bassford

The exhibition will be curated by:
Keith Bassford & Jens Jørgen Hansen

There will be a private view at 7pm on Friday the 2nd of September.

Further information can be obtained from:
Keith Bassford, graphic designer & letterpress printer
Graphic Workshop
info(a)graphicworkshop.dk & www.graphicworkshop.dk
Jens Jørgen Hansen, bogtrykker
Workshop for Letterpress Printing & Type Studies
bogtryk(a)hansen.mail.dk & www.flickr.com/photos/bogtrykkeren

Regards and best wishes
Gott grüß die Kunst

Keith & Jens

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