Looking to purchase this press…good idea or bad?

Greetings All,

I am new to the letterpress community and am considering purchasing the Chandler & Price press shown in the Ebay link below. Since I am very new to this world, is anyone here willing to tell me if this is a good purchase? From comparing the photos in the listing to photos of restored models, it does appear that this press needs some serious TLC! It also appears to be missing the ink disk. I’m hoping that it is there, but unattached for some reason.

Any input or opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!

Antique Chandler & Price Letterpress and Blocks

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I would say definitely go for it — but you will now have a LOT of competition. Check the listing again for an update/added info.


I contacted the seller, she said the ink disc was there and the missing feeder board arm. As usual, this price will soar when it gets closer to the end!!

Missing feed table brackets are common. There are a few people who’ve cast them and sell them. Steve Robinson of letterpresservation sells sets on eBay. While you don’t need the feed table, it’s worth noting that the the left bracket has a slot that is required by the grippers. Of course you can use the press fine without grippers.