Matrix font identification?

While gathering various printing supplies in preparation for pickup, I found a plastic pail nearly full of Linotype matrices - I believe there may be about 3 or 4 (or more) magazines’ worth of mats in this bucket.
I was wondering if there was any site out there that listed the various “triangle” numbers that were used to identify Linotype fonts (I am not sure if anyone would be interested in trying to sort a bucket full of pi’d mats for use, else I’d offer it? Although at least one font looked almost brand new)

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You can compare numbers at Don Black’s site:
or download Useful Matrix Information from Lance Williams’ site:

For some reason the links do not appear here but the rest of it was enough to put me on the lead to my answer. Thanks!

I posted the links with standard brackets <>, but I guess BriarPress software again does things its own way. Other interested parties may try:

In the end, I did figure out why many of the mats were in the bucket - a lot of them were damaged in various ways. Most common form of damage was crushed / sheared lugs from the occasional student trying to crowd just one more word or syllable into a line. There were some usable mats and which were eventually offered up here and sent on to another Briar Press user.