Paper cutting in Southern California LA/OC?


Does anyone know of a print shop in the Los Angeles / Orange County area that charges to cut stacks of 110# and 220# paper? Specifically stacks of 8.5x11 Crane Lettra into business card size. Thanks.

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You should find a local print shop or two and just walk in one day and introduce yourself. That’s how I found a few places that can cut stuff down for me. I pay one guy in donuts and coffee.

Ditto. I called around to probably every print shop in town and got a lot of umms and “I don’t think so”s, until I walked into one and just asked the first guy I saw. He said “yeah, sure, I’ll do it right now” and didn’t charge me anything. YMMV of course, but it can be done.

That’s pretty tedious….a better fit is too have a shop die-cut your cards…..then you both get something.

But most will do a couple cuts for a handshake and conversation.

Oh, I didn’t see that you need it cut into business cards. Yeah, I think die-cutting would be your best bet.