Kluge 12x18 Parts

I have an almost complete 12x18 Kluge Press that I’m needing to part out asap. Let me know what you need - there are only a few parts missing at this point. The press was barely used - when I cleaned the rails and ink disk, they look brand new. I’m located in Rockford, IL which is 70 miles west of Chicago. I’m open to sale or trade for any parts that you need. I’m willing to ship or have you pick up.

I posted about this a few months ago and had quite a bit of interest in parts, but it looked like someone was going to take the whole press; that didn’t happen so now I need to go the route of parting it out asap.


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image: Kluge-1.jpg


image: Kluge-3.jpg


image: Kluge-2.jpg