Hamilton Wood Type + Target = Cool

This musta been a fun project to work on!

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Cool indeed! There’s even a sweatshirt with a museum logo.

[Edit: My original post had a link to the Target webpage with the sweatshirts to order online. But the page is gone now, so I just posted a photo of the ones I got.]


image: Hamilton Wood Type sweatshirts from Target.JPG

Hamilton Wood Type sweatshirts from Target.JPG

Ohh, didn’t see that! Must have!

I ran to Target a couple months ago to get a baseball cap for my 5yr old nephew.

I found one I liked and as i was standing in the checkout queue noticed the Hamilton Wood Type logo on it. Couldn’t believe it. I bought him that hat, but wished they had one in my size. Great project.

This is great. Anything that brings the museum more awareness (and hopefully more money-making projects) is a good thing.

I just happened to need some toasty tops for fall. These came from Target today.


chick at :19 has no idea she called it the wrong thing; “hamilton wood block museum”. Duh. YOU ARE USING TYPE DUMMY. It’s Hamilton wood TYPE.

I got the funniest present from my sister for Christmas—the Hamilton Wood Type Museum Target collection sweatshirt!

I figured someone must have mentioned something about it here. Cool!

I’ll tell ya though, this size large is not as large as one might expect. It fits me just perfectly, but I’ll have to be extra careful not to shrink it in the laundry!

image: typetag.jpg


image: shirt.jpg


I love that one!!! But you’re right — they run small. Normally I wear a small, but the medium fits just right. I think they look nice, a little “fitted.”