C&P 8x12 (complete startup shop)

This is a complete setup for a new shop. Everything you need to get going. Here is a link to a gallery of various pics and videos of it before I went at it and operational. Also some samples of its first real job.


and here is a list of what’s included:

1927 Chandler & Price 8x12 new style press
new rollers and trucks from NA graphics (used a dozen times)
5 chases
various speed coins and keys and old style type too
boxcar 6x9 deep relief base
new triple beam scale for mixing ink
various rubber base and oil base inks (vanson and braden)
pantone books
foot treadle replacement
some 110 lettra paper (various sizes) half case being 11x17
new 220v 1/2 hp motor and pulley (variable drive friendly)
new GE variable frequency drive (runs on 110 but drives 220v)
new belt for motor
all of the wiring needed to hook up the drive etc. plus a shutoff.
box of tympan paper (2” thick in the box)
rolling cart from harbor freight

press is on a pallet ready to go on ground level. I have a local rigger that has moved it for me. He knows the press. you could be up and running in a weekend at best. Press has been debugged and operational.

I’d like to sell as a whole setup, don’t have the time to part it out. Attending school nowadays. Let’s talk.

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