6x10 Kelsey Excelsior

SOLD, thanks
I’m selling my 6x10 Kelsey Excelsior press for pickup only in Brooklyn, NY. $1000

Press is in good condition, has all detachable parts (gripper bars, etc.), and worked very well the last time I used it.

Comes with:
*rubber rollers from NA Graphics that have only been used a couple times.
*2 chases
*tympan paper

Depending on your needs, I may have other bits and pieces that could help you get started printing sooner. You’re welcome to some of my California Wash and/or ink if you can provide containers, for example.

For a somewhat long account of the first time I printed with this press: http://gamewellpress.typepad.com/gamewell_press_blog/2009/04/back-in-bus...

Please email with any questions.

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image: 6x10-in-orange.jpg


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