2012 Wood Type Calendar from a Mano Press

Our 2012 Calendar is letterpress printed by hand from wood type in the a Mano Collection. Each month is printed in 2 colors on white 70 lb recycled text and features important dates, birthdays and events. The cover of Version 1 is printed on Black Carnaval Cover in metallic lavender, Version 2 has a Chipboard Cover printed in Purple and the months are printed on Oatmeal Text by French Papers. The calendar measures 11 x 17” and is wire bound at the top plus a drilled hole for hanging.
The calendars are $35.00 ea (postpaid) through PayPal ([email protected]) They are also available for pick up in Hayward, CA

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image: Jan O copy.jpg

Jan O copy.jpg

image: Cover copy.jpg

Cover copy.jpg

image: May copy.jpg

May copy.jpg

image: Dec copy.jpg

Dec copy.jpg

image: Oct copy.jpg

Oct copy.jpg