Free (or trade)- old typecase full of dirty dusty type- 24pt

Hi there,

Cleaning out my studio and I have this one odd typecase full of some dirty dusty old type. Someone gave it to me that they found in some garage or shed somewhere… and I just don’t want to deal with it. I believe the typeface is Sans Serif Bold (or maybe Futura?) 24pt.

I posted pictures, as you can see the typecase is in okay condition, and the type is probably fine, you would just have to sort through the dust and wood chips to get it all out.

FREE to the committed letterpress lover that wants to come to my studio in Long Beach (CA) to pick it up. I will also accept cool trade offers, especially if it’s something you’ve printed.

Email me for info. The sooner the better :-D

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image: dirty typecase.JPG

dirty typecase.JPG

image: dirty typecase 2.jpg

dirty typecase 2.jpg