Can someone identify this typeface?

Hi again, Does anyone know what this is? Also I am afraid the one of me holding one of the sorts is not too clear but I wanted to know if I was measuring it correctly. I am getting down to the trays of type with no name or size on them and I am so glad to be able to come here for help. Thank you!

image: 022.JPG


image: 013.JPG


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Looks like 8 point, and yes you are measuring it correctly.

It would be easier to identify the face if you printed something. If you do print it, print “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” because this sentence contains all the letters of the alphabet.”

It is definitely a transitional roman face, but I have a hard time seeing the detail in a couple of the characters. It would be great if you could proof them and take a very sharp photo or scan of them as Geoffrey suggested.

Particularly useful would be the cap “Q” and cap “T” characters as well as the lc “g”.

What I see looks like Times Bold, but there are several culprits in the transitional romans which match these characters.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Thank you John and Geoffrey, I don’t have a way to print with the letters but I will see if we can take a closer picture of the letters you suggested. I appreciate your time and effort to figure this out for me. It sure would have been easier if the name had still been on the tray pull. I have I think, 3 more trays without the name of the type. It is frustrating for sure, thank you though and I will post again when I think I have better pictures.
Warmest Regards,

Is there a number on the face of the Cap “M” and /or lower case “m”? If so it can be identified by looking up that number in the ATF list of fonts by number. Can’t tell for sure but it appears to have a small number on the lower case m in you photo.


The font size is 8pt. so there won’t be a number. Nice thought though.


Opps, should have also mentioned to notice the very tall ascender on the “h” and minimal amount of room for descenders. This might help to nail it down.


You CAN print a few sorts to make identification easier. Just let the face touch a stamp pad - move it around a bit - and stamp the type on some porous paper, such as newsprint. Do it with a few letters so we have something to work with!

-Steve Saxe