KS/KSB Cylinder Sheet Guides

Is it just me, or do you need to be the incredible rubber man or a skinny 6 year old to get to and adjust these guides? Part No KS 2121. They are near the bottom of the cylinder way up in the beginning of delivery train of the press. The only way I can see to get to them is from the delivery, but you have to have gorilla length arms or contort yourself into the delivery from the bottom where the delivery truck is. Am I missing something?

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They are just damned difficult to get at and i have long arms am rubbery and skinny !

I had to dismantle everything I could on my KS and took the entire pan out that they are mounted to. I cleaned them very well and oiled the rail they slide on. I left the thumb saws loose and now use a cut off end of a broom handle to move them around.