Kelsey 5 x 8 Model U in Phoenix area

**************Press is Sold*****************
I sold it to the first contact on Day 1! Thank you Briar Press!!

Kelsey 5 x 8 Model U for sale in Phoenix area - arrange for local pick-up only (Scottsdale).

I am moving up to a Pearl and need to sell my Kelsey printing set-up. Included are:

Model U - 5 x 8 press
2 - chases
2 - new rollers (NA Graphics)
spacer bars and guides for the chase
other misc parts
supply of: tympan, packing and backing paper to fit chase
please see photos.

In addition to new rollers the press also has new trucks and roller hooks, grippers and springs from NA Graphics.
I have printed with it using type, lead and polymer cuts and linocut images. It is an excellent starter machine for the letterpress beginner with limited space.

I have over $1000 in the entire set up but will sell it as a package for $700 or best offer to a bona fide enthusiast. Bare presses go for less than this on ebay. But I would like to see someone in Arizona with an interest in Letterpress Arts get this press and put it to good use — not just turn around an sell it on ebay!

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