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Hi, i am a new beginner in making letterpress and i need a bigger press. So I am looking for an old style chandler&price 10x15 platen press. Please contact me, i would be bery happy of any feedbacks. Thank you very much for helping me

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I don’t understand why anyone would prefer an Old Style to C&P to the more common, better-built, and potentially less-worn New Style model. Curved spokes may be picturesque on your website, but don’t aid better printing!

you can do a lot with a 10x15, i’ve had one since the late 1960s, mostly owned old styles, i think parallel_imp is right the new style is a better built press. the only thing better is a 12x18. most work can be run on a 10x15.

This is a great discussion we can start about the differences between both models modern and old style. I have no idea about the differences but of course, the old style is a lovely “eye candy”. And what I do need for my letterpress printing is making deep impression. So which one is the best model and what exactly happen if I try a deep impression on a old style? So feel free and tell me more about your experiences with the C&P and any advices brings me further to make my decision.

I am a new beginner in making letterpress, and I have purchased a Chandler & Price New Style 10x15 and I need a “new part” for my board. (The mount that separates the top feedboard from the bottom feedboard)

Where can I obtain the above-mentioned additional part?

Thanks Audrey

I believe you are referring to the feed table fork. You’ll need to find someone parting out a press. They’re not complicated, so you might be able to cobble something together from bits of pipe and fittings until the proper part shows up.

You haven’t said if your press has a guard over the bull gear or not. It will make a difference in your dimensions and fit.
You can make a very serviceable fitting from simple plumbing pipe parts. Go to the hardware/plumbing supply store and and see 1” flanges and a pipe nipple about 6” long. See in your mind how this will go together.
With a hacksaw, cut away about half of the base of one flange. Cut outside of the center part which will receive the pipe nipple. You will want to place three screws in the flange to attach it to the delivery board. If you could not preserve three screw holes, you will have to drill for another one. One of the threaded ends of the pipe nipple will screw into this flange, but before you install it.
File and remove some of the metal from the thread at the second end. This will allow you put that end in the second flange attached to the feed board without screwing it in. This aids in removal of the feed board.
Get some ink on your shirt.

Thank you Arie and Inky for helping me. I do appreciate it very much.

To inky:
Yes my press has a guard over the bull gear.
Maybe I can send you some pictures per E-Mail of my main and feed boards?

Your describtion is great and you make parts yourself dont you? Thats very impressive.

I find it very hard to make it on my own maybe it is much more easier to find the part? Is it hard to find it? I am not sure if I can do that on my own..:-) Must I have a manual or something like that bevore I start to print?

An instruction book for how to handle a chandler & Price press (with engineering figures and Know Hows)?
Would be fabulous for a Beginner like me but where can I find it?