Kluge on a C&P 12x18?

I am in the process of possibly acquiring a new style C&P 12x18 with a Kluge automatic feeder. I’m not sure I want to use the feeder when/if I purchase it. I don’t plan on doing any runs long enough to make an auto feed necessary.
How much difficulty will I run into removing the feeder? Other considerations?

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I was going to say please sell it to me, but mine is a 10x15 C&P Craftsman, I don’t know if it would fit my press.

You won’t have trouble removing it. It’ll take some time, tools, and effort but it is not too difficult.

The Kluge feeder won’t fit a Craftsman press.


We have a Kluge feeder on our 12 x 18 C&P, works great when needed. When we have a shorter run we just “swing” it out of the way and hand feed just fine. We do miss the feed tray though! I would keep it on the press you never know what jobs will come through the door.
If you do remove it and plan to part it out we might be interested in a few.


I had a Kluge feeder on a Craftsman press 30 years ago. Maybe it had been re-configured to fit, but it worked just fine. Maybe Mine was an older model Craftsman.

John Henry

I should have been specific. I think the Kluge feeders would fit an original 12x18 Craftsman but would not fit the later models.


1) the kluge feeders were added to C&P’s to increase production. once the operator’s hands were not going in and out of the press, they were able to speed them up. i would check to see how slow you can make the press run before tearing the feeder down. it may well be that the slowest speed is still too fast to safely hand feed the press.
2) the kluge feeder and delivery are very easy to set up. once you figger out the all the adjustments, and what they do, you will find it an asset even for 50 sheets

Ericm is correct. Many of the old motor setups were designed to drive the load of the press AND the feeder. When the load of the feeder mechanism/pump are removed, many times it is very difficult to “gear down” a press to a safe handfeeding speed.

I’d leave the feeder on—you will find a use for it much sooner than you might guess. Since you are running a C&P (vs a Kluge), you can run it in handfed mode much easier (Kluge’s have very aggressive sheet gripper timing). Besides, the next user of your press may well value ($$$) having that feeder there.