Restored Kelsey Excelsior 3x5 w/accessories

Priced to Sell! Purchased by ex as a gift several years ago, never used. Restored, repainted, no rust (originally paid $700 plus $124 for NA Graphics accessories), selling for $500 OBO. Local pickup or delivery only for press, all others can be shipped. Slight damage in transit (wooden platform chipped and one bent roller hook but springs are ok). Rollers need covers only (all shriveled up) but machined roller trucks are fine. Chase included, other accessories: “Starter kit” from NA Graphics (paid $124) includes 1/4 lb. oil inks, some in boxes and unopened (sun red, ink green, block print orange, milori blue), some opened and used a little (lemon yellow, process black, tint base extender, bismark brown), Star makeup rule, tympan, “Printers Guide Book”, and Paul Maravelas’ book “Letterpress Printing: a Manual for Fine Press Printers”. Also have one mostly complete small art-deco style set of old type and one larger set of serif type in antique drawer case. Will sell separately or as a set.

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