Letterpress 3x5, ink & accessories


The 3 x 5 letterpress is the perfect press to use to enjoy the age-old art of letterpress printing. The press is mounted on wood and is small and lightweight so it can sit easily on any table or countertop when in use, or it can easily be stowed away.

It’s also the perfect press to use on business cards, note cards, letterheads, stationery, invitations and other small printed material.

The rollers on the press are new and have been used only a handful of times.

It comes with plenty of PMS ink, drawer of type (typeface unknown, serif type), random furniture pieces and Tympan paper.

There are no markings on the press therefor I do not know the manufacture.

Price: $650 for all items

I would prefer a local buyer but am willing to sell. Buyer will need to cover all the shipping costs.

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