Tabletop Kelsey 6x10 and Studio

Letterpress Studio For Sale
-Kelsey Excelsior Model X 6x10- needs NO work and it is in excellent working condition.
-two new rollers
-two chases
-assorted wood furniture
-boxcar base
-4 locks and key
-gauge pins
-roller setting gauge
-110lb crane lettra paper of assorted cut sizes (mostly A7 flat and folded) but also larger sizes.
-ink in tubes (14 colors see picture)
-marble stone for paint mixing
-scoring board
-towels for cleaning
-mineral spirits
-complete set of Gothic12pt type
All resources I have at my disposal for letterpress information, there is probably more that I am forgetting at the moment but everything I have is included in the asking price of $3000.00

Only available for pick up. May be willing to deliver in SF or LA (or various other CA cities) as my husband and I visit both frequently for his work. Look forward to hearing from you.

All photos available at this link

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