Kelsey 5x8, C&P 7x11, Guillotine Paper Cutter

Looking to sell a couple letterpresses and large guillotine paper cutter. All are located in Memphis, Tennessee. They are in excellent shape and ready to print. The listing is for pick-up only.

Kelsey 5x8 Letterpress
Includes: 3.5”x6.5” Boxcar base, 2 broadway typeface sets, instruction manual, cleaning brush, 5+ inks, 3 chase clips, slats of furniture, ink brayer, 3 drying racks, type setter, chase, and rollers.

C&P 7x11
Includes Hern Iron Works treadle, chase, 50+ sheets of pressboard, 3 chase clips, 5”x8.5” boxcar base, and 3 rollers.

Guillotine Paper Cutter
roughly 53 inches deep, 42.5 inches wide, 67.75 inches tall
extra blade

Please email me for pictures
[email protected]

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