American Heritage Video Series - B.Impressed

To the letterpress community:

Another installment in Cinema Mercantile’s and Fade In: Creative’s American Heritage film series - this story focuses on the work of Bessie Anderson (known as “B.”) and her company “B. IMPRESSED.” Since studying graphic design at college in Boston, B was always drawn to the traditional style of letterpress typography.
Her passion for letterpress led her to start her own business where she creates custom and hand-crafted printed materials for her customers such as business cards and invitations. She believes in paying homage to the designers and printers that came before her, artists that worked in printing before the digital era.
Shot in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, “B. Impressed,” is the second collaboration between FI:c and partner Cinema Mercantile. It was shot all on location using multiple Canon C-100 cameras.

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