Small Letterpress Studio

Enough for a beginner to start a small letterpress studio! Kelsey 5”x8” Mercury Model U Tabletop Printing Press for sale, along with several other items, including:
- Four drawers of metal type - 18pt and 12pt Garamond from M&H Type Foundry, 14pt Wedding Text, 18pt Sans Serif Wide, and some misc. fonts and sizes, plus a set of 10pt lower case italics in boxes
- a large assortment of wood furniture and lead spacing
- rollers, trucks, gauge pins, and chase for the Kelsey
- set of wood type numbers
- handy fonts from M&H Type Foundry that include backslashes, ‘@’ symbols of all different sizes, as well as a set of flourishes/borders
$1500 OBO
Contact me for pics and further questions, as my images are apparently too large for these classifieds.

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