Vandercook Maintenance Workshop in Colorado Springs

The Press at Colorado College will be hosting a Vandercook Maintenance Workshop, taught by Paul Moxon, on Saturday, Nov. 2 and Sunday, Nov. 3. The workshop will run from 10 AM – 4 PM on both days. In the workshop:

“Participants will learn all the points of maintenance, cleaning and lubrication so as to be prepared for potential problems and make or direct repairs. We will also discuss all models of interest and other brands as warranted. Whether you use studio presses, own a press, or are thinking of buying one, this workshop will provide excellent direction for your future presswork. Bring your questions, photos and/or broken parts. Paul will also share examples from his collection of Vandercook literature.”

The total number of participants is limited at 12. Six of the spots will be open to the general public, and six will be reserved for CC students. The cost is $150 for the public. More info, including instructions on how to reserve your spot, can be found here:

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