Challenge 1425C Proof Press for Trade

I have a Challenge 1425C Proof Press that I bought from a fellow Briarpress user. I have removed all rust and refinished it. Everything moves perfectly.

I am staying interested in printing and even though this press is fairly compact, as a student it’s just too much to haul.

I’d like to trade it for a smaller table top press that is easier to transport. A 6x10 is perfect in my eyes but will consider a little bigger or smaller. I would also be more than happy to trade the press for printing blocks. Since I have access to presses in school blocks would be more beneficial at this point in time.
I will also consider cash offers but prefer trade.

*Shipping or pick up plans must be sought out by the buyer/trader. I will do everything I can to make it as easy as possible if kept posted.

Happy to answer question and send additional pictures upon request.


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image: 00P0P_6C0DFzzuu4v_600x450.jpg