Letterpress type in Cabinets

I have a lot of metal type that I would like to sell as one lot, as I need the space. I have a green metal cabinet that holds 25 trays of type and a smaller cabinet with I think 5 or so trays of type (the smaller one is not pictured as it is in storage, wrapped up).

The trays are all different, some wood and some metal. Some trays are very very full, some are a little scant. Some of the type is brand spanking new, other fonts are goodness knows how old.

I am trying to find a list of the fonts that are there amongst all the paperwork that was jumbled together in the move. I believe there are several sizes of a wedding script font, gill/gill sans/gill sans bold, palace script, times, gothic, formal script, universe…

Needless to say this is a good size collection. I have seen the wooden type cases without type selling in antique shops for $100.00 a tray, so you could easily split some of this collection up and make more money. I just simply don’t have the time as I run my own business.

I am located in Orange, NSW Australia. I am happy to work with you to find a cheap way to ship this cabinets - when I purchased these a number of years ago it was from another state so I know the challenges!

I am looking for $1200 for the lot. I paid a lot more than this but have never used the type so have decided to let it go to someone who will get more joy out of it than I have.

I am happy to send as many photos as you would like to see, just let me know.

There looks to be trays of both monotype and foundry type. The font listing is as follows:
What type I know I’ve got:

• 18pt Garamond Light Italic
• 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt and 2 trays of 24pt Wedding Text
• 6pt, 8pt, 10pt, 12pt Times
• 12pt Times Italic
• 18pt Palace Script
• 10pt Gill
• 12pt Gill sans bold
• 10pt Gothic
• 24pt Formal Script
• 10pt Wedding script
• 10pt script
• 12pt Times bold
• 6pt, 14pt Univers
Other trays I need to check should hold:

• 8pt Gill
• 8pt Gill sans medium bold
• 24pt Palace script
• 24pt Univers
• 10pt italic times
• 10pt times bold
• 10pt Univers
• Other sizes in script font

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image: type small 1.JPG

type small 1.JPG

image: type small 2.JPG

type small 2.JPG

image: type small 4.JPG

type small 4.JPG

image: type small 3.JPG

type small 3.JPG

image: type small 5.JPG

type small 5.JPG

image: type small 6.JPG

type small 6.JPG