Kelsey 5x8” Letterpress w. starter kit $1200 (NYC)

I have available for sale my Kelsey Excelsior 5x8” Table Top Letterpress, with an very well rounded starter kit.

The press is perfect for a small studio, home/apartment living!
It is located in the NYC Area, and is available for pick up only.

The kit includes:

Kelsey Excelsior 5 x 8” Table Top Letterpress
Two chases
Rollers ( new and well maintained )
Deep Relief Boxcar Base 6.5 - 3.5
Wickersham Quoins (3) & key
Challenge Two-piece Wedge Quoins (7) & Key
Furniture wood (assorted sizes)
Reglet (assorted sizes)
Leading and spacing (assorted sizes)
Pica ruler
Putz pomade (roller conditioner)
Van Son Ink Rubber Base Plus 1lb 99.9% full - Pantone 2726
( the color is a deep blue/purple)

Edsal Heavy Duty Steel Work Table - 24”W/18”D/30”H - height adjusts in 2 inch increments up to 36” to make for the most ergonomic and comfortable pressing! Made of 16 Gauge Steel (easy to assemble/take apart)

Pictures include all items the Kelsey press, the accessories, and the worktable!

I have a short video of the press in action, ( I was trying to make the go real slow…. So the full motion can be seen… Not sure I did a great job!). Please email if you would like me to send it to you!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking,

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image: KelseyLetterpress - 1.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 1.jpg

image: KelseyLetterpress - 2.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 2.jpg

image: KelseyLetterpress - 3.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 3.jpg

image: KelseyLetterpress - 4.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 4.jpg

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KelseyLetterpress - 6.jpg

image: KelseyLetterpress - 7.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 7.jpg

image: KelseyLetterpress - 8.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 8.jpg

image: KelseyLetterpress - 9.jpg

KelseyLetterpress - 9.jpg