Sumner Stone Lecture/Worshop: Structure & Emotion in Letterform

Sumner Stone will be presenting a lecture and workshop in San Francisco presented by Letterform Archive:

Structure & Emotion in Letterform Hands On

Four day workshop : Wednesday-Saturday May 28-31
Two days of instruction at the Letterform Archive in letter design and drawing, inspired by examination of archival material from the 16th through the 21st centuries, followed by two days with experienced printers in the letterpress studio at the City College of San Francisco, where you’ll print your letter designs from polymer plates.

A unique opportunity to close the feedback loop on type design inspired by letterpress examples, by seeing your letterforms in the same medium as the original examples that inspired them.

$750 ($650 for students) for four days, including lecture & letterpress materials. Limited to sixteen qualified participants, submit your application by May 20th, 2014.

Sumner Stone, proprietor of Stone Type Foundry Inc., is a type designer, type founder, author & teacher. As Adobe’s first Director of Typography he established a high standard for digital font production, and conceived the Adobe Originals program. His faces include ITC Stone Sans, a contemporary classic, as well as the prize-winning ITC Bodoni and Numa. For the past three years Sumner has taught in the [email protected] post graduate program in type design at Cooper Union.
Structure & Emotion in Letterform

Lecture : Wednesday May 28, 7:30pm
Serif & Sans, Text & Display are the most common structural categories we use to describe typefaces. Yet they convey almost nothing about one of the most important aspects of typography and type design—the emotions they evoke.

Selection of typefaces is one of the primary tasks of the graphic designer, yet even in text typography appropriateness is not dependent only on legibility. We’ll examine the relationship between structure and emotion with myriad examples both contemporary and historical, including typeface families and superfamilies.

$15 ($12 for students) Doors open at 6, refreshments served
Adobe Town Hall, 601 Townsend Street, San Francisco

image: Letterform Workshop Poster final 2.jpg

Letterform Workshop Poster final 2.jpg

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