Ludlow with Stamp Machine

LudLow equipment for $2000 which includes:
2 large cabinets with 20 drawers and 1 cabinet with 19. Including the matrices for the drawers (excluding the ones already taken to the scrap yard.)
LudLow (with wheels)
Stone table (the stone is 3ft by 2ft)
Stamp Machine with Cart
Extra parts
Rubber for stamps
Tools for cleaning the machine and tools in general
LudLow manuals
2 Type Catalogs

1700 lbs of lead for $0.37 per pound so about $630 total.

Since it’s so big it would be best for buyers to pick up equipment where it is currently located.

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image: cabinets.jpg


image: ludlow.jpg


image: extra tools.jpg

extra tools.jpg

image: ludlow manuals.jpg

ludlow manuals.jpg

image: stonetable.jpg


image: stamp machine.jpg

stamp machine.jpg

image: stampcart.jpg