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I have a number of items for sale. All but one are older, but solid workhorses. First is a Challenge 305 MC Paper Cutter (Blue Model). Serial No. 8488. It’s a 30.5” wide 3-phase cutter. Works well with a phase converter if you don’t have 3-phase service. I’ve had it for almost 30 years and have never had a single problem with it. Comes with 3 blades, a box of cutting sticks and the manual. These cutters are usually listed in a range from $2750. to $4500. Asking $950.
Second is a Triumph Ideal Model 3915-95 Paper Cutter. It’s ideal for the smaller shop. I got it new in a package deal 9 years ago with a press and have used it just once. So it’s virtually brand new. It cuts up to 15.35” wide, 1.5” high and weighs 159 lbs. There’s no stand so you can use it on a tabletop or buy a stand. Comes with a push stick and the manual. Made in Germany by Krug + Priester. These retailed for $3779. and one is listed currently on eBay for $1259. (even though it’s missing parts). Asking $750.
Third is a Bostitch Boston Wire Stitcher No. 7 Model, Serial No. 4990 V. Heavy duty, it will stitch up to 7/8” thick. Comes with a roll of wire and the manual. Currently listed on eBay from $900-$1500. Asking $450.
Fourth is a Challenge Model JF Paper Drill, Serial No. 43924. Comes with a set of various-size bits and rounded corner cutters as well as the manual. This is a single head drill. Asking $250.
Shipping is not included in any of the prices listed. All equipment is on the ground floor for easy removal. Please email if you’d like to make an offer or to discuss prices and/or shipping. I’m on eastern LI, New York. Thanks.

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