Storage of Linotype slide rule matrix

Hello, all, I’m looking for a way to store my 50+ Linotype Slide Rule Matrix. Are there any commercial cabinets or drawers available? If not how have some of you handled keeping the rules in numerical order?
Any suggests welcomed.
Carlo Mario

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For limited storage, I’ve seen trays using sawcuts in planks of wood. Drop the slide into the groove, and at least that keeps it from being dinged.
I have a lot of slides, and I put them into coin envelopes (that’s a small open-end envelope) with the number written on it and a proof of the design pasted on. I also write the source of the slide and mark in which specimen books it appears. Then the envelopes go into long boxes, one box for linear rule, another for wavy and rugged rule, another for multiline rule, another for fancy rule. Straight numerical order is a problem because Linotype and Intertype slides are not always the same number for the same design, and I’d rather work in categories.
All this information is all repeated on index cards. It helps to make sense of the mess.
Some of the slides I bought were just laid onto galleys.

3 x 5 1/2” coin envelopes. Number and manufacturer noted on envelope along with other pertinent information (length, body size, etc.). Proof taped to outside of envelope. Filed numerically in 4 x 6 card files. Works well with my 300 slides.

Thank you, Parallel_Imp and John, excellent ideas that I’m going to institute here at the Tampa Book Arts Studio. Simple, yet comprehensive.
Carlo Mario