Another - ‘Identify this Press’ Quiz


I’m sorry, you chaps must get this all the time…

The very knowledgeable Stafford, from Happy Dragons Press, has recommend this site / forum to try and identify the press that I have recently found.

Currenty in the process of restoring it and hopefully it will be back to printing very soon!

There are a few bits missing - rollers, one roller wheel, chase paper holding ‘bit’ etc. but I’m sure if anyone is able to help in the identification of what it is, that it would really help in tracking these parts down.
(You can probably tell that I’m quite new to this…. but then Heath Robinson is my inspiration!)

Not sure if I can post a link - but these are the pictures of the press (more for my reference - once it gets rebuilt)

Anyone guess what it is?

Thank you in advance


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Looks to be a Golding Pearl lever press (not many out there) or similar. What’s the chase size?


Hi Brad

Please excuse my non technical terms, I’m learning as I go…

The ‘bit’ that had 5337 stamped on it measures 8 x 6”
I don’t have the chase but there is c. 1/2’ over that.


Hi Simon, If you are in the UK my guess is its a Cropper-Charlton PEERLESS platen. An almost identical copy of the PEARL.

Hello Nick,

Yes I’m in the UK - what gave me away ;) ?

I thought it was a Peerless press, when you say almost an identical copy to the Pearl - what is the difference between the them?

Hi Simon, We have both the Peerless and the Pearl. The platens are about as close as you can get. Our roller arms are different and assume its because the Peerless is probably ca. 1930’s and they must have made some improvements over the years. If you go our our site I think we have a photo of the Peerless.

here is a photo of ours. Its a floor model.

image: DSC_3782.jpg


I can see a lot of similarities between yours and mine!

If you fancy browsing through the photos (scoot down to the end) I’ve nearly finished it - hopefully it looks slightly better?

I think that I have found someone to make new rollers, the chase is possibly sorted - just have to figure out how the fingers / grippers work.

Would it be possible that you could post a couple more images of both the chase and the grippers on your machine?

Thank you in advance.


Looking very nice, Simon!

I think that I have found out what my press is!
I had chap visit to measure up for the new rollers and his opinion is:

It would appear your press is a Peerless 8x5 lever tabletop, very rare. The rollers / runners are identical to the Peerless treadle press.

What do you guys think?