T 1232 Trip Spring Alternative ? 13 x 18 Windmill

Hey guys,

Ive tried looking for a thread on this but have been insuccessful so sorry if this has been answered before. Does anyone have some good alternatives for the trip springs ( sheet seperators ) on either side of the feed lift table for a 13 x 18 windmill ?


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Why look for an alternative? They are $6.90 each and I can supply them (NA Graphics). Part T-1232 Tripping Springs.


If you mean the ones that fit in the thumbscrews to either side of the feed table, you could use 1/4” Perf a Base material to make the whiskers. If you don’t have Perf a Base in the shop—you’d probably be better off buying the factory part from NA Graphics.

Hey guys, thanks for the replys, unfortunately i live in south africa so it would cost me double the price of the spring to get it here if i was to get it from the US and i havnt ever seen perf a base here, perks of being at the bottom of world hey….

I did try using some paper clips and it worked for a bit but after a while they just bend and loose their spring.


From long time back, POSSIBLY as simple as D.I.Y with springs/spring steel from old fashioned, (Pre Digital) wind up alarm clocks. Virtually all yield 2 springs, the main one to drive the escapement , longer and more powerful, the alarm bell spring, shorter and lighter, = 2 grades of fingers.
Although springs have a memory, (of course) even with off the shelf pen steel fingers, (seperators) they could and still are able to be straightened, even cranked up or down very precisely to suit the stock from the feed pile.
Not exactly Hi-Tech or difficult.
COST, probably less than the price of a *Nice Cup of Tea* for a whole herd of clocks from Boot Sale, Jumble Sale Rummage Sale,?? What is the Equivalent in S.A.

Spent 2 or 3 Hours in Print shop in Mombasa, Kenya, 20 + years ago, they were using clock springs for sheet seperators then,! + the same spring steel, for the trailing sheet steadies (feed & delivery) on Multilith & Hamada Litho M/c. Also using the Braided screening from Co-Axial T.V.cable as Trailing Anti Static conductors.:

The doormat into the Print shop, Said (Hypothetically) Welcome in English and Swahili,? The most enjoyable visit to a Print Shop ever/anywhere, they appreciated my Humble offerings, but did not need any, compared to here, U.K. thet were & are ahead of the game.
I.E. fell about with laughter when it was established that our Graphic Machinery suppliers/retrievers were having to scour virtually every state in Africa for abandoned H/Berg L/Press cylinders to rebuild for Cutting And Creasing.

P..By all means, enjoy a laugh at my ramblings. or send to the States @ several Rand ($6.90) per item, probably out sourced by the Supplier with S,A, Steel.? Good Luck

Postage to South Africa for 2 of these sheet tongues from the US is $6.16. And yes, by all means get a hot forge going, find a piece of suitable steel, and pound out a sheet tongue or two in the back yard.

the plastic strips from pallet packaging cut in half with a scissor works fine