seeking somewhere to cut paper in NYC area…

The guillotine at the Center for Book Arts is apparently on the fritz until mid-month; does anyone know if there is somewhere in the New York City area where I can go to get my paper cut down?

I heard a rumor that Shulman Paper in NYC might do it… Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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I once had to have something cut in a hurry in the city. I took it to Print Icon at 7 W. 18th Street and they did it while I shopped next door. It wasn’t cheap though!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

i’ve gone ot offie depot (or office max, i always get the two confused) to get my pages sliced before. It is $1 per slice. Staples also does it too…but i think for a little more, $2/slice. However, this was done in RI.