8x12 & 10x15 C&P Treadle Presses Proof & Washington Presses

We have a number of 8x12 C&P Chandler & Price platen presses available, as well as some 10x15 machines.

All will be sold with new rollers and new treadle and ready to print.

We just recently purchased two Nolan #2 proof presses Thes have about a 15x28 inch print area according to specs here:


We have several furniture cabinets with furniture for $299. each plus shipping and up.

We have lots of speed quoins of various lengths.


We have supplied rollers for an 1890 Campbell Newspaper Press and the smallest of Kelseys. We also can supply standard trucks and make them for your non standard application. Call me 706 540-3285 1 pm to 1 am eastern time!

I recently picked up two Old Style 8x12 presses which will be sold with treadle and new rollers, READY TO PRINT!! These machines will be READY TO WORK!

Please call 706 540-3285 noon to midnite (really!) eastern time or email your contact phone if you’d like to discuss these pretty machines.

I have a couple of 12x18 Kluges and a very nice 12X18 c&p press as well as a 10x15 Kluge

Lots of presses

We can also move presses for you

We have a 3x5 Kelsey that is restored with new rollers and grippers and is complete with chase and ink disc, etc and has been repainted n Black. The 3x5 is $799 and shipping is available on this.

We are offering reprints of the Kelsey Printer’s Guide 9th edition here:


This little book is loaded with information for the beginner and the expert. Whether you run a Kelsey or a C&P or a Heidelberg, you’ll find something you didn’t know in these 40 pages. Get one and keep it in your press room!!

We are now manufacturing magnetic platen gauges. We offer a set of 4 gauges that you place at each corner of your platen …. they will work on most any platen press so long as it is not aluminum. They set your platen to .040” above type high to allow for packing. If you screw the included handle to one of the gauges, you have a type high lollypop for checking/setting roller height!

You can call me or buy online here:


Call me 706 540-3285 1 pm to midnite eastern time if you’d like to talk about these presses!!

We also have a GIANT 14 X22 Old Style C&P Press and a couple of Kluges. We have a lot of machines! Call me, i just might have it.

We have a number of chases available for most sizes of c&p presses. Remember measure the inside of a chase frame for the size of a C&P press.

I don’t know what you call them, but i have 6 of the cast iron bracket holder things that will mount on the top of a type cabinet and will hold a couple of type cases out of which you are setting type.

We have a small 2/3 size case type cabinet with cases for $333. See it at:


We are selling most of the Chandler & Price presses with new manufacture foot treadles. A limited number of motors are available for additional $$.

If you want to do your own restoration, we can sell project presses, as well at a somewhat reduced price.

Recently we purchased about 44 cases of handset type in cabinets and several imposing stone tables as well as several cabinets of wood furniture. I’d like to especially sell a complete steel Hamilton cabinet full of cases … maybe 24 … i’d have to count them and they are full of type.

We probably have more hand feed press inventory than anyone else in the country!!

We can also supply new rollers and trucks on your cores or ours for most any press and can offer advice on a press you are contemplating buying (even if not from us!!).

We can even supply rollers, trucks, grippers, chase bars, etc for Kelsey presses.

We have an 11x14 line-o-scribe light proof press with grippers for $699, ready to print.

Basically, right now, we have about maybe 16 or 17 presses and our warehouse is busting at the seams!

We also have an ATF little giant and a 14 1/2 x 22 C&P. You could do some large work on the C&P and we have a 12x18 Kluge

We can deliver to most anywhere east of the mississippi or we can ship, well crated, for additional $$

We are also willing to move deliver etc equipment that you purchase yourself.

I am available for consultation if you are considering a press purchase or simply don’t know where to start. Call me!

Call me, please 706 540-3285 1 pm to midnite eastern time, i’m rick. Or email me, [email protected]. Please include your phone numbers and i’ll be happy to call you back.

you can see some of this machinery at www.ricktheprinter.com

This equipment is in Athens, Georgia, but remember we OFFER DELIVERY or shipping to your location.

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