Collection and book

10–12 April 2015

In a way we are all collectors — be it gem stones, buttons, miniature cars, even stamps — all sorts of things. But, how
do you show some of them together in an alternative and attractive form?

Chosing a small selection of your favoured objects, you will – during the 3-day worskhop – learn and use three different techniques:
block/lino and dry point printing, letterpress and bookbinding allowing you to produce an interesting impression of your collection.

Participants will take their project all the way through – combining the different techniques – and will leave with a small ‘block’ book.

You will create images of the objects in block/lino printing and/or
dry point.
Then, you will handset texts and print them in letterpress for
the cover, and perhaps combine small texts with the illustrations.
And to finalize the project, the printed pages will be bound
by hand into your own book.

The teachers: Carola Rombouts from De Grafiekdrukkerij,
Thomas Gravemaker from LetterpressAmsterdam
and Marja Wilgenkamp from Bindery Wilgenkamp.

Costs: 395 €, inclusive of materials, lunches, tea and coffee etc.

For more information:
[email protected]
+ 31 (0)6 12 45 14 01 | + 31 (0)20 341 62 38

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