Removing Tight Steam Fixture Pulley from a 10 x 15 C&P

Hello all, I’m moving my new series 10 x15 C&P today and had planned to pull the crankshaft in order to get it through an elevator door. I know the series of parts that need removing in order to pull the shaft but we simply cannot budge the interior steam fixture pulley (C&P’s parts list refers to this as the “tight” part of the assembly). Obviously I cannot pull the crank shaft through the left side of the press with the pulley still attached on the right, not to mention the pinion gear. We’ve tried everything and are flummoxed and discouraged (and stuck on the third floor). Our gear puller won’t even touch it, it’s so stuck.
Just in case anyone wonders, yes, we’ve loosened the bolts that hold the assembly to the shaft.
Any help, advice, personal experience or simply encouragement would be grearly appreciated! Thanks folks!

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Also worth noting, there are no wedges or keys on this particular pulley as there are on the flywheel.

Not knowing the exact area and what is around it I am thinking lots of heat!
Oxyacetylene torch with a rosebud torch tip maybe?

I have not seen how the pulley is attached to the shaft, but if there is no key it must be clamped with the bolts you’ve loosened. I would remove them entirely. Then you may be able to separate the halves of the clamp, using a small common screwdriver as a wedge, enough to work the pulley loose. Also, check to be sure there isn’t some kind of small shoulder on the shaft against which the pulley is butted. But typically those clamp-style pulleys are machined to be a very tight fit. Also, be sure there are no pins into the shaft through the hub.


I don’ know if there is a difference between new and old style concerning crankshaft, but when I moved my old style I removed pulley and crankshaft as one unit and replaced it the same way.

If the pulley is hopelessly stuck, and you are running out of time, I would cut the pulley with a wiz wheel or sawzall. Its probably galded up from slipping on the shaft with the set screws tightened. It’s unlikely the small size steam pulley will be ever be used to drive the press.
Then, pull the gib key in the pinion gear, unscrew the three screws on the #43 crank shaft box (left side). Pull the crank shaft with fly wheel attached.
Good luck,

Skiyou is probably right about the galling — the shafts on the C & P are fairly soft and prone to galling. They also deform easily if cone or dog point set screws were used. Remove the screws entirely and get some Kroil brand penetrating oil and fill the screw holes with it to get it between the shaft and pulley. Also, rust is a remarkable adhesive, so if there’s any rust between the two parts it’ll be a bear to separate them. The torch idea is good, as well, just make sure the Kroil is well wiped off…

i am at a loss here as to this “steam pulley” and thus, absolutely no help. could someone help with a pic or link?

Steam pulley is usually on the crankshaft, outboard of the pinion.

Seen in the linked image, closest to the viewer:

ah,,,, it is a wide belt pulley, probably set up to run off a “master shop drive shaft” ?