1940’s era C&G Printer’s Saw (FREE, needs work)


This saw was used for cutting metal slugs of type, furniture and other precise work inside of a print shop.

The design of the saw is beautiful, and would make a great addition to a letterpress shop. They don’t make table saws for intricate work like this anymore, and it would even work great as an addition to a shop where fine joinery needs to be done.

The motor still runs and is quiet, however it is missing the bed that used to slide on the “V” rails (where all of the various blades and accessories are sitting in the photos). If you don’t see yourself fabricating another metal bed to slide on the rails, a piece of wood can be bolted onto the top and it will act just like a regular table saw.

It has the original dust pan as well (shown in photos). Looking online, I can’t find any other examples of the art-deco style base this saw has. It is quite the rarity.

More info can be found here:

An article of how to fix up and modify these saws to use contemporary blades etc.:

As I mentioned, I just want to find a good home for it and don’t want to see it scrapped. I have no problems sending dimensions and more images, but please if you schedule a time to see the saw, bring a truck and take it! If I get many more folks who take up the time to see it but can’t pick it up, I’m going to just let the scrappers have it… Please help me avoid that!

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